Friday, 6 December 2013

Crafty Catch Up

I have been a bit quiet on here over the summer/autumn but I have still been busy sewing and making...

I made a bear hat for Ruby.

And these little ladies have been taking up most of my time. The pattern for Topsy Turvy Dollies was in Mollie Makes in the summer and I think I have made 10 of them now. They take ages but they are fun to make and each one is cuter than the last. I think my favourite one is the one Ruby gave as a gift because she had a little bear hat :) that I forgot to photograph in Ruby's haste to wrap her up.

I've also been attending a One Piece Garment Pattern Cutting course at MIY Workshop and draft a pattern for my Christmas dress. Photo's to follow when it's finished.

Wendy is great and I have learnt loads from her. Check out her classes and learn something new too!
I have also helped her make some Suffolk Puffs for her Christmas Window. As of Saturday 7th December you will be able to vote for your favourite small business window on the council's Facebook page. I'll post the link when I eventually find it. Vote for her!!

 I've also started a little xmas decorating myself, here are some sneak peeks!

The advent calendar I made a few years ago is up and filled with chocolates and Christmas jokes. They are classics!

I'll leave you with todays joke...

Why does Santa need a big umbrella?

Because of all the rain-deer!

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Halloween Wreath


My Halloween Baby will be 8 in two weeks! so we are getting ready to turn our home into a haunted house to celebrate.

As the teachers are on strike today and the kids are at home we've been trawling through Pinterest for inspiration, starting papier mache heads and making a halloween themed wreath.

I removed the decorations from the Easter wreath I made and covered the ring on orange fabrics. The kids then raided the toy boxes for toy snakes, newts and spiders and we pinned them on with a little bit of fake spiders web to finish.

It was so quick and easy to make and looks great :)

Sunday, 28 July 2013

March of the Mermaids

Yesterday we dressed up as mermaids and a crab and were accompanied by the sailor who found us for Brighton's first March of the Mermaids. We emerged from the first batch of rain to walk and dance along the seafront to the party at Above Audio with lots of other sea creatures.

We had so much fun. This is what our day looked like!

Mr Krabs
Ay Ay Captain!
I made costumes for Jacob, Ruby and myself whilst Chris added a pipe and hat to the beard he has been growing all year.

3 Mermaids
We walked from the Peace Statue, past Brighton Fishing Museum.... Above Audio where there were real Merlesque mermaids! Ruby loved the Mermaids and visited them lots. Jacob enjoyed his chat with them too.

There was kids craft, face painting by Julia Arts, Qukulele ukulele players and Stay Sick providing entertainment and music. There were also prizes!!! Ruby Won a family ticket to the Sealife Centre for the being the Tiny-est Mermaid and Jacob won a Turtle for being the Coolest Crab. They are both so proud of their rosettes and goody bags.

We can't wait for next year!

Saturday, 15 June 2013

London's Calling

We're on the train heading into London for a day at the museums. I'm off to the V&A to look at the fashion room and Chris is taking the kids to the Science Museum. 

I finished my shirt dress on Thursday and I'm wearing it today. I love it and I'm planning on making a nautical one too.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Next sewing project - shirt dress!

My summer holiday is getting closer and closer. Two lovely new swimsuits arrived today and I need to make myself some new dresses for the evenings. 

I came across these two shirt dresses in last week's Grazia magazine...

...and they reminded me of this pattern that was in my bag of sewing swag from Carol :)

I love yellow and the shape of the hemline, I've also got a thing for dogtooth at the moment. I'm hoping to make a couple of versions for my summer wardrobe.

I had a spare half hour this morning and managed to cut out the pattern pieces, now I'm off to the draw to find some fabric! 

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Baby Bib

I bought this Simplicity 1950's vintage pattern when I was able to put Ruby down in one place knowing that she would stay there! (approx. 4 years ago) She looked very cute in her red polka dot version of the yellow outfit.

Friends of ours have recently had a baby boy and we met him last weekend. I couldn't resist making a couple of the bibs as a gift.

I used some soft blue and white striped flannelette and appliquéd an anchor on one and a J on the other. I edged them using bias binding.

The anchor one is my favourite.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

May: Sewing, baking, Brighton Festival and books.

May has been busy and although I have done lots I haven't had much time to say anything about it. Chris has been nagging at me to write a blog post and it occurred to me that with our kids constantly shouting for our attention in the evenings and weekends it might be the only time he gets to find out what I am up to. Maybe written communication would be easier for us.

So then Chris, this has been my May so far....

I've been helping in school and nursery a lot. I love going in and seeing what the kids are up to and how differently they learn maths now. I now know how to do calculations that I couldn't do at school! The nursery is fun and I get to do craft stuff with them, like bubble painting and mask making.

I normally help at school on a Wednesday morning but as year 2 are doing the sats that they don't know that they are doing I got to do some filing and come home early. Which is good because I am tired today, I went to see The Great Gatsby at the cinema last night and loved it so much that it took ages for me to relax and come down of my pic n mix high. I came away inspired by the outfits, the sequins and with an urge to be very rich and throw lavish 1920's themed parties. If you haven't seen it already, go!

I've been listening to Daft Punk's Random Access Memories and Frank Turner's Tape Deck Heart on Spotify. Frank Turner is my sewing music of choice.

Lots of hanging out with my kids, reading Swallows and Amazon's by the campfire. Enjoying every bit of Ruby's last pre-school days (I don't want September this year) and being forced into taking selfies with her.

We have been reading Arthur Ransome's Swallows and Amazons to Jacob and not only have we all really enjoyed the story, it has inspired Jacob's games and attitude towards playing. I think this will be the summer he embraces the outdoors and adventures.

I also managed to read a book for me. Me Before You by Jojo Moyes. I was surprised how uplifting the book was despite it's topic and the ending. I read it very quickly and felt motivated to get on with some things that I have been putting off (like finishing the bathroom tiling). Check it out!

I've been making and baking...


...a couple of Brighton festival bits and pieces. The Spiegeltent and The Embroidered Tattoo Parlour.

A cute little felt ice cream garland for a lovely friend's birthday present.

 ...and some tops and dresses for me using patterns from Make Hey While the Sunshines by Pip Lincolne, burda style as inspiration.

With the exception of G.C.S.E textiles my sewing skills are self/mum taught. For a while I've felt that I have a gap in my skill set. Whenever I make something for me I am always dissatisfied with the fit and usually have to make alterations to the patterns to fit me. In hope of fixing these issues and fulfilling a teenage dream I have booked myself on to a Pattern Cutting Course at MIY Workshop starting at the beginning of June. I am so excited and feel like I'm 18 again with the opportunity to follow the creative path that I deep down wish I had gone down 15 years ago. I'll let you know how I get on!

I've also been cutting out hundred of little flags for a bunting craft activity planned for the school fair.

What have you been up to this May? Any bank holiday weekend plans? Our plan is to enjoy the festival atmosphere and maybe finally make it to an open house or two.

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Brighton Festival - Embroidered Tattoo Parlour at Beyond Retro

We popped along to the Embroidered Tattoo Parlour at Beyond Retro today.

The event was run by machine embroiderer Jenny King who creates beautiful pieces of embroidery on her selection of 1950's machines.

We bought a nautical headscarf for a couple of quid and flicked through the book of flash to choose our design.

We went for one of Chris's favourite pieces of Sailor Jerry flash and watched as the machinist transformed the scarf into this...

We're going to frame it and hang it on the wall.

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Festival Friday!

Tomorrow sees the start of the 2013 Brighton Festival. It's a month long arts festival and one of my favourite times of the year. I love seeing the temporary venues, street performances and all of the lovely arts and crafts in the Open Houses. Hopefully this year the sun will shine and add to the festival atmosphere.

The children's parade opens the festival tomorrow morning and Jacob and Chris are taking part dressed as Aliens! Whilst I will hopefully be hobbling (i've pulled a muscle in my thigh) into town to watch.

If you are within travelling distance check out the Brighton Festival or Fringe Festival website and pop down to join in the fun and see some amazing shows and art.

Like the clock tower that has been decorated in clothes!

Ruffle Streamers and Giant Tissue Paper Flowers

I love it but Pinterest is dangerous! Not only does it take up masses of my time looking at lots of lovely inspiring things it makes me want to make them too.

I'd spotted these lovely ruffle streamers at the end of last year and planned to make them for Ruby's Hello Kitty party but didn't get round to it. So when Rachel bought crepe paper streamers for her party I suggested that I ruffle them for her. It was so much fun and incredibly easy to do.

I followed the tutorial on Dana Made It popped the tv on and set to work on the 100m of crepe paper.

Here are the finished results, they are so pretty!

We also made giant tissue paper flowers using this tutorial

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