Friday, 31 January 2014

Flashback Friday - Laser Zone Birthday Cake

I spent most of last autumn with my head in my one piece garment City and Guild course at MIY Workshop which meant that blogging was put on hold.

Whilst sorting through my iPhoto folder I found the photo's from Jacob's 8th birthday cake. He had a Lazer Zone party which was so easy, all I had to do was send out invites, make a cake and turn up on time!

How I made a Laser cake!

To make the lasers I mixed up a three egg vanilla sponge. I then divided it into 4 and coloured each quarter with food colouring. I baked them in loaf liners and once cooked and cooled I cut them into strips.

I then mixed up a six egg vanilla sponge for my 20cm x 20cm tin that had been lined with greaseproof paper. I spread a spatula of mixture on the bottom and then layered the laser pieces across the plain mix. Another spatular of plain mix went on top and then more lasers were added and so on until all of the lasers were in the cake and the final spatula of plain mix was on top.

Once cooked and cooled I cut the cake in half and added a layer of jam.

To decorate the cake I dirty iced the sponge with buttercream and then covered with grey fondant icing. I placed liquorice cables on top with a fondant ball in the middle ready for the glow sticks to go through as I didn't want to place the glow sticks directly in the cake.

I cracked the glow sticks just before the cake was served and 8 plain coloured candles finished it off.

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