Monday, 3 February 2014

Making a Lego Pin Board

In the run up to last Christmas I went decorating crazy with four rooms in two months getting a make over. The first and most fun room to be done was Jacob's room. The walls were painted in Crown Originals 1997 Aqua. I love the colour but I made a mistake not buying a tough wipeable paint. I already have to re-coat the wall by the door that is covered in hand prints that don't wipe off.

When we moved in to the house this room contained some big built in wardrobes that are not in great condition. As they are fantastic for storing lots of stuff we decided to keep them rather than replacing them with shop bought wardrobes and gave them a face lift. 

The insides were brightened up with white emulsion and the shelves were reinforced to withstand the weight of the keepsake box and baby clothes that I can't bare to get rid off.

The outside was rubbed down, holes were filled and hinges tightened. Then the doors and frames had a coat of white emulsion before each door got it's final finish. 

Doors Before...

There are four small doors a the top and four main doors below.

The top doors were covered with découpage maps and comic strips.

The main doors each had a different finish. I left a set of doors painted plain so that posters and photo's can be blu tacked up and changed as desired. There is a blackboard door, made using blackboard spray paint and a Lego Pin Board.

Jacob is a massive Lego Fan and I wanted to incorporate a Lego element that would last a few years. I found some circle cork coasters at Ikea and thought they would be perfect to create a Lego pin board.

Using a flat 4 stud lego piece for inspiration I started by measuring the diameter of the cork circles and the length and width of the door. Based on these measurements I worked out where to place the cork circles so they were equally spaced out. I then used a No More Nails adhesive to stick the circles to the door, following the instructions on the tube. 

Once dry I painted the cork circles with a couple of coats of white emulsion to even out the base colour of the door before I added the colourful paint.

When the white was dry I added three coats of the top coat paint, rubbing down the door after the first two coats. I love this yellow and it looks great with the other colours in the room.

I then added a couple of pins and Jacob did the rest :)

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