Saturday, 8 November 2014

Book Launch for...The Beginners Guide to Dressmaking - Wendy Ward

I've just got home from a lovely evening at the book launch for Wendy Ward's "The Beginners Guide to Dressmaking" at MIY Workshop. As the evening is over I can finally post pictures of the cakes!

A couple of weeks ago my fellow student Croianna text me asking if I would like to make a cake of Wendy's book with her for the book launch. So a few days ago we got together and had fun decorating a cake.

Here it is... Croianna made the clothes and I did the lettering.

With the left over sponge I made a pair of scissors because which dressmaker/seamstress doesn't have a slight obsession with scissors?!

My little assistant Ruby made me some pins for the fondant pin cushion whilst I added gold powder to the bolt on the scissors.

 And here she is... the lady herself... Wendy Ward, cutting her cake!

Congratulations on your awesome book Wendy and everyone else... go buy a copy and learn to how to sew your own clothes!

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