Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Minecraft Party

Our little Man recently turned 9 so we had a Minecraft Party to celebrate...

We started off with invites made using this minecraft block printable to make envelope/boxes and I downloaded the minecraft font from here to type up the invites that I printed in grass block colours.

Next up was the party favours. I bought green t-shirts from Amazon and using a Creeper template I found online, similar to this one, I fabric painted creeper faces on the front. 

Jacob made some Hama Bead Minecraft squares. I love how when ironed they look pixelated. There is Steve, a pig and an Ender Man. I found the template here.

We kept the decorations quite simple as the lounge was also decorated for Hallowe'en. I used the font I had downloaded to make a Happy Birthday banner and drew creeper and zombie faces on green balloons. For the party bags, I bought green paper bags and found a template online to print the creeper faces directly onto the bags. Most of the guests wore their creeper t-shirts for the party. 

Just before we changed into costumes ready for trick or treating, the candles were blown out and the cake was cut....

Two Minecraft blocks in one cake :)

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