Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Photo A Day April Round Up

I found this photo challenge on Pinterest and decided to join in. 

But on the 1st April I found out that this is last year's challenge. I really wanted to join in with an active photo a day so I switched to this years. As I had already posted the old one to facebook and instagram I decided to continue with both challenges by posting daily for #fmsphotoaday and a round up post at the end of the month.

This was my April 2013 based on #photoadayapril 2012...

1. your reflection
I took my photo using my Banksy print for the reflection. I feel really awkward in this photo. I'm not normally in front of my camera/iphone. 

2. colour
I love these Berol felt tip pens.

3. mail
I waited for the postman for ages but he didn't come. Luckily Ruby was playing Post Offices all morning.

4. someone who makes you happy
I obviously couldn't choose just one of them so I photographed them both :)

5. tiny
A tiny blue button next to a 1p. Taken with a fisheye lens.

6. lunch
Raw vegetables and salad with a cheesy muffin and lime pickle.

7. shadow
I cheated with this one and used a photo of Ruby and I that I took a few weeks ago because there was no sun out today. She really is my shadow and always wants to be by my side. Usually just to annoy her brother!

8. inside my wallet
My Orla Kiely purse. I call it my Mum purse because it is big and when I was little my Mum always had a big purse. It's full of receipts and coppers!

9. younger me
Me and my brother dressed as Native American Indians for a picnic in the park. Mum made our outfits including one for my dolly. If you look closely you can see Andrew's arrow that didn't travel very far! I'm guessing that we are 4 and 6 here?

10. cold
I felt cold so spent an hour snuggled under my duvet watching Prisoners Wives on the iPlayer.

11. where I ate breakfast
Jacob went on a sleepover last night. I expected a call at 10pm saying he was coming home but the phone didn't ring! Ruby and I had a relaxing breakfast, sitting on the sofa, watching cartoons and eating toast.

12. stairs
The majority of people who have visited our house ask when we are getting rid of our stairs! We have no plans to, they are one of the reasons we bought this house. As long as you start off on your right foot and keep going till you get to the top you won't fall down!

13. something I found
I didn't actually find this, Ruby did but she gave it to me.

14. how I feel today
Today I feel proud of my little man, who ran the Brighton Marathon Mini Mile. He is feeling proud of himself too. 

15. sunset
I missed the sunset tonight, luckily Jacob made this sunset badge at Hove Museum.

Half Way! I'm loving this photo a day challenge. It's like a diary. I've always intended to keep one but never find the time. Taking a photo a day is a great way of remembering what happens over the month.

16. flower
Forsythia on the way home from dropping the kids at school. I love the colour. It tells me that it is spring and it makes me miss our old front garden.

17. something you don't like
Soggy cereal!

18. hair
This should have been for yesterday when I was having a good hair day!

19. orange
It's always the oranges that are last to be eaten in our house.

20. something you drew
Pussy cat, pussy cat, where have you been?

21. bottle
Jacob's science experiment! A weather barometer now lives on the windowsill. How long till I can recycle it?

22. the last thing you bought
The weekly shop.

23. vegetable
We eat a lot of carrots in our house.

24. something you're grateful for
My sewing machine. It keeps my hands and creative side busy! How cute is Jacob's little machine next to mine!

25. looking down
Hello Baby Bernard and Gobi!

26. black and white
Wallpaper samples. Orla Kiely Acorns and MissPrint Mountains

27. somewhere you went
Rachel's Party!

28. 1pm
Mum Cabs! Dropping Jacob off at the St George's Day Parade.

29. circle
Blue circle inside the Polka Dot Cake!

30. something that makes you sad
Ruby starting school in September. Her pre-school days are nearly over :(

My favourite photo...
...of this challenge is this one of our Guinea Pigs, Baby Bernard and Gobi. Now that they weather is warming up we are able to let them out of the garage and into the garden. I'll be honest I am not a big fan of rodents but these two are growing on me and I find it peaceful watching them sitting in their playpen eating grass. 

And that was it, April is over and now it is May. It feels like this year is flying by but when I look back at the first couple of photo's they seem like a long time ago. 

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