Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Sprinkle Polka Dot and Rainbow Marble Cake Tutorial - Part 2 Polka Dot Cake

Polka Dot Cake, Let's go!

I used this post by Once Upon a Pedestal for inspiration.

First you need to make the cake balls. I tried lots of different ways of making the balls here. In the end  I used a Popcake Maker as it gave the best dots. 
Instead of using the recommended mix I used a standard cake mix:
100g butter/marg, 100g caster sugar, 2 eggs, 5ml of vanilla extract 100g self raising flour (cake making method in Part 1) so that their consistency matched the main cake. This quantity made approx. 48 balls.
I split the mix into 4 batches and added the colouring and baked them for the recommend time in the instructions leaflet. 

When they were cooked they looked like this, So colourful!

I made the dots/balls the week before the party so popped them in the freezer until I needed them. If you are going to use them straight away wait till they are completely cooled before adding them to the cake.

Now it is time to make the cake.

Pre-heat your oven, grease and line your tin.

Mix up a batch of vanilla cake mix to the required quantity for your cake tin. You can use the recipe in Part 1 of this tutorial and this guide for quantity. Or use a shop bought cake mix and bake to their instructions.

Add a small layer of white cake mix to the base of your tin, spreading to the edges of the tin. Split the number of dots between your tins if you are doing more than one layer.

Cover the dots with the remaining cake mix and bake for the required amount of time depending on your tin.

When it's cooked allow to cool before assembling. 

Add your filling of choice and cover in your favourtite frosting. I used white chocolate swiss mergingue using this really detailed tutorial by Sweetapolita.

And then covered it in sprinkles!

To assemble the two tiers. I made two 30x30cm cakes for the bottom cake and added seedless raspberry jam between the layers. The polka dot cake went on top, again with the raspberry jam inbetween the layers. I secured the top tier to the bottom one using bamboo skewers cut to the same depth as the cake and the applied a first coat of buttercream as a crumb coat. This stops the cake crumbs coming off during the top coat and making it look yucky. I then sprinkled the sugar strands on, for the side I had to pack them on using the palm of my hand. To finish off I attached a pretty pink ribbon and made some super cute cake bunting.

For the cake bunting I used some of the party invitation paper and cut out diamonds that I folded in half to make triangle flags. I used some embroidery thread and glued the triangles together to hold them onto the string. I then cut little notches out of the bamboo kebab sticks so that the thread didn't slip when I tied it on.

This cake was so much fun to make. If you want to give it a go for yourself and have any questions give me a shout!

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