Friday, 19 April 2013

Polka Dot Cake Practise

I'm having a bit of a Heston Blumenthal day today and I don't want to see a cake pop again!

I have been practising for the cake I am making for my friend Rachel's 30th! birthday party next week.

She has asked for a polka dot cake.

So for the last couple of days I have been experimenting (hence, a Heston day) with different ways of making the spots. 

I've been using the method on Once Upon a Pedestal as a guide. I don't own a cake pop pan or maker so I tried it out using mini cupcakes.

The colours are amazing but the dots aren't round enough.

I'm not a cake pop fan. The only time I have made cake pops was last Christmas when I made snowmen using crumbed cake and buttercream rolled into balls before being covered in white chocolate. They were too sickly and not something that I plan to make too often so I didn't want to buy a cake pop tin.

Luckily Rachel was able to borrow a Popcake Maker from her friend and Ruby and I have spent the morning making approx. 100 cake dots with different types of mix.

The first batch came out like pebbles so I added more mix for the yellow ones and there was a spillage.

Five batches later and the dots are ready for the freezer.

And the ones that were a bit wonky got covered with chocolate and sprinkles by Ruby.

I've sampled to many though and I'm not sure I can manage another. Cake Pop Anyone?

Pop back after the 27th to see how Rachel's cake turns out!

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