Monday, 29 April 2013

Rachel's Party

I woke up on Saturday morning singing "Get the party started" by Pink because the day of Rachel's birthday party had finally come. Week's worth of planning, crafty shopping trips and making sessions were about to come to fruition. 

In four hours we turned The Ladies Mile Pub Function Room from this....

 ....Into what Chris later described as Martha Stewarts migraine! It looked awesome.

There is so much to show you....

Bunting, ruffled streamers, huge paper lanterns, tissue paper pom pons, fairy and disco lights, spotty garlands, doily bunting, balloons, the lot! (Tutorials and links to follow later this week!)

Guests were invited to bring a record for the DJ to put on. We danced to Blur, Betty Boo and the B52's. 

Tables were covered in pink and yellow honeycomb parc from Fabricland, night lights in jam jars and bowls of crisps and sweets.

There was also a little bit of toilet graffiti!

Oh and a cake!
24 eggs, 10 egg whites, a lot of flour, butter, sugar, food colouring and 6 jars of sugar strands. It was huge and had a very special surprise inside!

Hope you had a Fab time Rachel!

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