Friday, 15 February 2013

Flashback Friday - Lego Party

Jacob Loves Lego!

For his 6th birthday, which seems like a very long time ago (he is now 7) he had a Lego themed party at home. Pretty much all of the decorations were handmade my me. I planned to blog about this at the time but never got round to it. So here they are...


I found a lego font online. I can't remember where from exactly but I found this one after a quick search. I printed out in Happy Birthday Jacob as big as I could to fit on an A4 piece of paper. I then cut them out keeping the black lines and stuck them to yellow paper, left a little yellow round the black, cut them out and stuck them to red paper. Next I hole punched the tops and threaded on to yellow gift wrap ribbon. I also made a small Jacob that fit on one sheet to go on the door.

Using Jacob's stash of bricks he made a number 6 out of lego on a base board.

I set up the party bags on the fireplace for decoration and for he kids to put their prizes in during the party. Using a black marker and yellow balloons I made a big bunch of lego mini figure heads for the middle of the ceiling.

Giant bricks made out of paper covered cardboard boxes and carpet tubes. They didn't last long as they were not strong enough to sit on!

We used some of Jacob's storage boxes and some models made by Chris and the kids for display items.
The rooms was set and ready for the kids to arrive.


 When the guests arrived they had to find the lego brick with their name on it. Once found they could come to me and receive their chocolate mini fig prize. Made from this ice cube tray.

There was mini fig mask making, lego sheet colouring from here and lego on the head where the kids had to see who could lie still the longest with a lego brick on their head. I bought a medium size box of basic bricks and split them into coloured bowls. The kids had to see who could build the highest tower in 30 seconds. There was also a pass the parcel made to look like a lego brick and a Lego brick Piñata (there is a tutorial of that to come!)

When all the games were over it was time for...


I was exhausted but Jacob had a great time and that's all that counts!

My mini figs :)

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