Thursday, 14 February 2013

Ruby Makes - Valentines Cupcakes

I inherited my craftiness from my Mum and I want to make sure that I pass mine on to Ruby (and Jacob) so I am trying to do as much baking, sticking and making as we can before she goes to school in September (sob).

Continuing with the Valentines theme we made cupcakes today. Some for tea with Auntie Laura and some for the school valentines bake sale tomorrow. I found the marble in the pan idea for heart cupcakes on Pinterest and was intrigued to see if it worked. I made up a quick vanilla cake mix and added a drop of colouring to make it pink and quickly got them baked before the school run.

A couple of hours later... Ruby rolled out some pink fondant icing and cut out some cute little hearts. She then stuck them on and sprinkled with hundreds and thousands and soft pearl balls.

The little ones have all gone! And this batch are ready for school tomorrow.

As for the marble in the pan idea, I think they look more like cats or moons. I'd use the marble again for  cats (imagine little buttercream faces and liquorice lace whiskers) but I'll keep searching for a heart tip, have you got one?
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