Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Hey there, Hi there, Ho there it's a Disney kind of day!

We're back from an awesome time at Disneyland Paris. I now have a Sheriff for a son and a daughter with an ambition to be a Disney Princess and a Doctor at Disneyland. Chris has gone back to work and I have a load of unpacking and washing to do.

Before I make a start on it I wanted to get back to my blog and share some things with you. I wasn't expecting to find that much crafty inspiration whist we were away but there some bits and pieces that caught my eye. If you would like to see some of my other photo's check out my instagram!

We stayed at the Hotel Cheyenne which is set in a western village. Jacob has decided that he wants a cowboy themed bedroom. Which is slightly easier than the zebra theme he has been certain about for 18 months. Below is the wallpaper from the hotel bathroom. I'm now trying to work out all of my orignal ideas for his room to fit in the new brief. Yee haa!

Inside the park itself I was very excited to see lots of owl statues at the castle. I think my favourite Disney owl moment is in Bambi when the owl swoops down and the whole screen fills with his eyes. It used to frighten Jacob when he was two. I loved the tiles on the outside of the castle. Fired Earth do some that I would love on the chimney breast in my living room.  

In the queue for the "Meet a Disney Princess" attraction there are murals of each princess castle. I really like the sun, clouds and the way the sky is made up of different sections of blue. At the end of the queue Jacob and Ruby met Cinderella and I think it made Ruby's trip :) I was very excited. 

The castle at Disneyland Paris is based on Sleeping Beauty and there is a huge stained glass window displaying the story. There are also some tapestries continuing the story in sections where there aren't any windows. I've been into tapestry for a while now, I received some 1970's Golden Hands magazines  from a lady on Freecycle and they are full of interesting pieces of needlework that I love looking at.

Another owl on a pillar. Woo

I can't do a Disney post without Mickey and Minnie! We met them on Monday and they were being very cheeky!

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