Thursday, 21 February 2013

Golden Hands

About 18 months ago Chris spotted an advert for a set of 1970's Golden Hands Craft magazines on Freecycle but when he contacted the lady she said that someone else had beaten him to it. Luckily for me, she contacted us a few days later to say that the person didn't show to collect them and did we still want them. It turned out that she lives on the next road over from us. I very excitedly popped round the next day and picked them up. Carole, the lady, explained that she was having a big clear out of her Mum's sewing things that she could no longer use and would I be interesting in taking a look before she advertised future lots. Er, yes please! So over the last few months Carole has been phoning me whenever she has a bag of sewing swag for me. Each time it has been like Christmas and I have been very lucky to receive bags of binding, cottons, fabrics and squeaky toy things. I've so far made a dress using some of the fabric and the bindings have come in very handy making dresses for Ruby (more on those another day).

I often spend hours looking through these magazines and have found them really inspiring. I haven't done any needlework since I was little but armed with a bag of threads and wools from Carole I made a tall ship cushion for Chris (he is a bit obsessed with them) for Christmas. If I did it again there would be lots of bits I would do differently but I am very chuffed with my first attempt. 

Can you spot the bit I missed? I really must get round to finishing it off for him. 

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