Monday, 25 February 2013

Memory Picture

A couple of weeks ago I made a list of all the projects that I wanted to start. I haven't got round to as much as I had hoped but this weekend I managed to tick another item off the list. 

Frame Ruby's Jumper - tick!

Every couple of months I have a sort through the kids clothes and remove the items that no-longer fit. I'm left with two piles. One pile that I am happy to pass on to friends for their kids and a pile of 'special' bits that I can't bear to see another child in. 

I have made memory bunting for a couple of Mums using their daughters baby clothes and I thought that this made a really lovely keepsake. I've also heard of memory quilts that other Mums have made for their children. Over the years I have kept a stack of Jacob's T-shirts for a memory project that I am still to get round to. 

Just before Christmas I tried to throw away a gorgeous red cord pinafore dress because it had an irreparable tear in the back. Ruby went mad and wouldn't let me get rid of it because she liked the cat. So I decided to frame it. I took the glass out of the frame so that the pocket didn't get squashed. It now sits on her dressing table, Ruby has a nice picture to look at and each time I see it I remember my three year old toddler wearing it. 

A couple of weeks ago I realised that this cat top was too small so once it had been through the wash I popped it in a cheap frame from Tiger. Now all I need to do is hang it on her wall. Can you see a theme developing? Ruby likes Cats.
Do you hold on to your kids clothes as keepsakes? Do they sit in a box like some of mine do or have you made them into fun stuff?

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