Saturday, 16 February 2013

Tutorial - Lego Brick Piñata

How to make a pull string Lego brick Piñata

You will need:
A shoe box with lid
A circle cutter
Polystyrene or foam approx. 2cm deep
Craft knife
Coloured paper or paint
Tissue paper
PVA glue
Ribbon or string

Take your box and cutter and measure both. Then work out how many circles you will need to make the box look like a brick. The number of circles will depend on the size of your box. I used 8 on an adult shoe box.

Cut out your circles using the cutter and craft knife, check their position and glue to the lid.

 Turn your box over and cut trap doors in the bottom for the sweets to fall out. The trap doors need to remain closed until it's ready for use so only cut your square on three of the edges.

Paint your box or cover with PVA and coloured paper in your chosen colour. 
My favourite colour is green, what's yours?

Apologies for these photo's they were taken on my HTC. 
Cut lengths of the ribbon approx. 45cm long and securely tape a couple to each trap door and then add some fake ones to the rest of the box. 

Take the tissue paper and some little slits to poke the ribbon through then glue to the base of the box covering the trap doors.

Open the lid and fill with lego bricks and sweets then tape down the lid.

I forgot to take a finished photo and the one of the kids attacking it is a bit of a blur. But it was sturdy enough to use twice. I just replaced the tissue paper and ribbons. It was also much safer than a traditional Piñata as no sticks were involved!
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