Monday, 11 February 2013

Tutorial - Passport Pouch

I looked in my handbag on Saturday and found a box of awesome Hello Kitty at Liberty plasters and Ruby's make up bag (she is 4 this is not good). It turns out that she decided that they had to live in my bag incase anyone ever needed a plaster or she wanted her lipgloss. My handbag is a mess, full of hats, gloves, random bits of paper and it seems whatever Ruby thinks I should carry for her. It is no wonder that I can never find my car keys. Something has to be done!

We go to Disneyland Paris at the weekend (ssssh it's a secret, we haven't told the kids yet and are hoping to hold out until we get to Kings Cross before we break the news). My "aargh I can't find my keys panic" is bad enough, but ask anyone who has ever been to a gig with me and they will tell you that there are at least 5 "have we got the tickets" panics on the way there. So in attempt to avoid passport/ticket/euro panic I am getting organised this week!

I've made little zip pouches in the past as gifts for teachers and friends (I like putting little note books or chocolates in them). My passport pouch is basically one of them and I thought I would share how to make it with you lovely lot! Here goes!

How to make a zip pouch

Perfect for keeping sweets, tampons, keys or anything else you like to keep safe in your handbag.

You will need:

2 different fabrics (I have used a red Liberty at the V&A fabric for the lining and a bit of blue tree scrap that was left over from shortening my new Ikea curtains)
A zip (approx. 18cm long)
An Iron
Sewing machine or a Needle
Thread either in a contrasting colour (I used green) or a matching colour
A sheet of A4 paper (21cm x 29.5cm)

Take the fabric you have chosen for the outside of the pouch.
Fold the piece of paper in half and pin to the right side of the fabric. 
Cut out two rectangles. 
Pin fabric with right sides facing each other, making sure they are the right way up so that the image isn't upside down on one side of your pouch.
Sew along the bottom edge 0.5cm from the edge.
Press out the seam and set aside.

Unfold the paper and pin to your lining fabric.
Cut it out.

Take your lining fabric and outer fabric and pin together with the right sides facing each other.
Sew around the edge of the rectangle leaving a 10cm gap on one of the longer sides. 
Trim off any surplus lining fabric.
Clip corners of rectangle.

Turn the fabric out the right way so that the wrong sides are concealed inside.
Use the blunt end of a pencil or knitting needle to gently poke the corners out.
Press the fabric flat and carefully tuck under the seam inside the 10cm gap.

Take your zip and pin the right side of the zip to the right side of your fabric. 
If you are using a sewing machine attach your zipper foot and stitch along the edge.
You might need to carefully open the zip whilst the needle is down so that you can sew past the zip opener.

Turn the fabric over and attach the zip to the other side of the pouch making sure that the right side of the zip is facing the right side of the fabric.

Turn the fabric the right sides out and press the fabric next to the zip.

Turn the pouch inside out again. 
Make sure the zip is open or you won't be able to open your pouch when it's sewn together (I have made this mistake before!) 
Pin the pouch together making sure that the zip edges line up.
Sew along each side edge. For extra strength go over the stitching a couple times at the top and the bottom. 
Be careful not to sew over the zip, your sewing machine won't like it and it will make horrible noises at you!

Turn your pouch the right way out and carefully poke out the corners using the blunt end of a pencil.
Insert your stuff.

This is the back.
Ta da! you are done! 

Now I just need to remember to pack the passport pouch and panic 5 times on the way to London to make sure I have not forgotten it. At least my handbag will be tidy!

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