Friday, 22 February 2013

Flashback Friday - We're Going on a Bear Hunt

Whilst helping at school last week I remembered the "We're Going on a Bear Hunt" interactive mat I made for the reception teachers whilst Jacob was in reception. I was asked to make a something for the children to use to re-tell the story. I thought it was great opportunity to get some use textures and different materials.

I spilt the story into the main areas, grassy, mud, stream, forest, snow, the cave and their home. I made the characters using fabric pens and pastels and made them squidgy so that the children could hold onto them and move them round the mat. 

Then they went...

Through the tassle grass with mini ribbon roses

Through the shiny water with duck buttons
Through the waddling and felt mud 
Through the forest with some of the trees only sewn at the top and botton so that they could walk "behind" them
Under the netting snowstorm
Which opens to find the bear!
To the cave
The mini bear chases them all the way home...
Where they hide in the bed
It was so much fun to make and great seeing the kids play with it.

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