Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Craft in Progress

We've had a crafty start to the week...

It began with a trip to Fiveways Arts and Crafts yesterday morning to buy fabric paints and cartridge paper for today's craft plans. The rest of the afternoon was spent helping my friend Selena tissue paper a willow UFO for this year's Children's Parade.

Last night I sat under a blanket by the radiator drinking tea, peeping at the snow outside, watching Being Human on the iPlayer and starting an Easter wreath. Chris makes the Christmas wreath and I have been so inspired by all of the spring wreaths on Pinterest that I decided to make an Easter one.

It's a craft in progress!

My vision of a peaceful Tuesday afternoon linocut printing was disrupted by the kids being off school on a snow day. Rather than shelving my plans till next week I let them join in. 

As they are both obsessed with how far away Easter is we started making some decorations. They both drew Easter designs on Lino that I cut it out for them. This is Jacob's egg:

Ruby chose yellow ink and had a great time making about 6 sheets of prints. She picked up the process really quickly and had her own counting system for the length of time she spent rolling the Lino. We decided that counting to 100 each time was probably too long, especially as it was me doing the counting.

I was amazed by how much Jacob enjoyed it. He can be a reluctant crafter sometimes. Begrudgingly starting something to find he gets really into it after a while. The printing held his attention for a whole afternoon and he now has some lovely prints and posters that he is planning to decorate the house with.

I printed some more owls, this time in different colours. I love the yellow on the white paper background. I'm not sure about it on the fabric though. I think the fabric paints I have used were not the right consistency for what I needed. I'll read a bit more of this book before I have another go.

Some of the blue prints will be on their way to you soon Sara Brown!

The last project that I have on the go is making a little case for my Lino tools. It's cut and ready to go, I just need half an hour at my sewing machine...

 What projects have you got on the go?

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