Monday, 18 March 2013

Spring Inspiration

I can see one lonely daffodil in my front garden from the living room window. It lay down during last week's snow only to stand tall again hinting that warmer days are to come.

I don't normally pay much attention to spring, I save my excitement for autumn and winter when we have our birthdays and Christmas (I love Christmas) but this year I have surprised myself and I am finding spring inspirational.

I am loving the bright colours in the shops, the yellow daffodils bursting out of the ground and chevron and scallop fabrics that have me dreaming of summer dresses.

As I am feeling so inspired I thought I would share some of my spring cheer with you!

My obsession with anything yellow

Yellow Quilting Pins 
Cloud Napkin Rack from Ikea

Yellow Chevron Fabric from
 Easter is nearly here!

I'm hoping to find time to make this cute bunny that I found in one of my Golden Hands magazines.

Colourful Easter chicks, that might find their way onto an Easter wreath or the Simnel Cake that I really must get round to making. I found the plastic eggs in Asda, a bargain at £1 for 12 and so colourful. I think I'm going to use mine for an Easter egg hunt.

Fabric inspiration

Chevrons and scallops are my favourite patterns at the moment. I would love a scallop tiled fireplace.
These scallops are on a cute kids apron at Ikea. I'd love to make a scallop print dress so I am on the look out for fabric. The cute chevron ribbon came free on this month's Mollie Makes magazine and I'm going to use it on my wreath.

What is your favourite season and what is inspiring you at the moment?

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