Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Ginger Muesli Flapjack Recipe

I love flapjacks, they are sticky, chewy and my treat of choice. I first made them about five years ago with a lovely Scottish Flapjack recipe that I had found on the internet. I didn't write the recipe down and have been searching for a new one ever since. For a long time I used one out of a supermarket magazine but the recipe just didn't work and although they tasted great they just didn't hold together.

A couple of months ago I was reading Ruby "The Big Katie Morag Storybook" by Mairi Hedderwick and came across a recipe for Porridgie. As soon as she was asleep I was in the kitchen trying it out. Hooray, at last a flapjack or porridgies recipe that works and tastes yummy.

Last nigh the flapjack craving struck again and I reached for Ruby's book. But when I went to the cupboard for the oats the tub was bare! So I reached for the muesli instead. It that made them a little crunchier and I also threw in some ground ginger too.

Here is my variation of the recipe:

Ginger Muesli Flapjack

Makes approx. 16 4x4cm squares

100g (4oz) butter
75g (3oz) soft brown sugar
30ml (2 tablespoons) golden syrup
200g (8oz) muesli
1/2 teaspoon of ground ginger
If not using salted butter add a pinch of salt.

Pre-heat oven to 110 degrees C (Gas Mark 3)
Grease or line (with baking paper) a shallow baking tray approx. 20cm x30cm

Melt butter over a low heat and then stir in sugar and syrup until dissolved.
Weigh out muesli into a big bowl and stir in the ginger.
Pour over the melted butter, sugar and syrup and mix well.
Transfer to the prepared baking tray spreading out with a pallet knife

Place the tray in the oven for 25-35 minutes. Remove when golden brown and allow to cool.
Once cool, cut into approx. 16 squares. Eat one or two and put the rest in an air tight container.

I have no idea how long they could last for because they barely make it through a day in our house!

Do you have a favourite recipe or treat?

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