Saturday, 2 March 2013

Making Our House a Home

We moved here...

19 months ago knowing that we had a lot of work to do! 

Last year we had a new roof, electrics and central heating. We also converted our, inaccessible by car, garage into a craft/record room! More on that another day.

Just before Christmas we turned this...

Our Room of Requirement looked like this for over a year
Ruby's Room before

Into a very pink bedroom for Ruby that I can't seem to find a photo of. Oops, I'll take one when she has tidied up the toy explosion that went off in there.

We now need to crack on with the rest of the house. Yay, decorating time!!

Today we are making a start on the bathroom that currently doesn't have a shower, just a 1980's style plastic tap shower that annoyingly shoots off whenever I wash my hair. The bath is reasonably new and the sink we think might be original so we are keeping both of those. The plan is a bigger cupboard, a shower and get rid of the yellow walls and oatmeal tiles. You don't even want to see a photo of the laminate effect vinyl flooring that has to go! 

I've been spending most of my time this week drooling over bathroom images on Pinterest and compiling this board.

I'll post progress pics on Facebook and Instagram.

Right, I'm off to Wickes. Wish me luck!

p.s. Happy Birthday Ellen Jones!

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