Thursday, 21 March 2013

Easter/Spring Wreath Tutorial

Anyone who has been to our house at Christmas will tell you that for the month of December we live in a grotto. We love Christmas, especially decorations and the Christmas tree. Easter decorations are a newish thing for us. We didn't decorate for Easter when I was little but since I've had my children we have started putting some eggs and chicks around the house for Easter weekend. Each year I have been adding a couple of things to the decoration box, mostly bits and pieces made by me and the kids.

Over the last couple of weeks I have been making this spring wreath.

Here is how I made it...

I used:
A wreath ring/base - Mine is the one Chris used for the Christmas wreath that survived the weather. We bought it from a garden centre for not a lot of money.
Wool, colours of your choice.
Sewing pins or wreath pins
Easter chicks

I used white wool as a base colour. First I made a loop and knot in the wool and pinned the end to the back of the ring. I then wrapped it round the ring. After my first "lap" I realised that it would be quicker to put eight strands of wool together and wrap it around at the same time. When I came to the end of the wool I made another loop and pinned it into place. All of the ends look neater if on the back. I marked the joins in the wool with a pin.

When the white was finished it look like this. I then took the coloured wool and put eight lengths of wool together and started wrapping them over the joins in the wool. I secured them in the same way, pinning them in place at the back. Sometimes the wool didn't finish in the right place so I unwrapped the wool, moved the start point and re-wrapped. I used different colours and kept adding them until I was happy with it.

Decorating time! 
I was planning on making and attaching some felt flowers but whilst I was wrapping wool I noticed my yellow flower brooch on the sideboard (see, it's sometimes good not to tidy up) and decided to incorporate some of my spring jewellery into the wreath. I made some felt leaves and pinned the brooch into place.

The yellow wool flower is made from a piece of french knitting and pinned into a flower shape. I made this bit of knitting whilst in the early stages of labour with Jacob. It has taken me 7.5 years to make something with it.

I bought these cute colourful chicks at a garden centre last year and attached them using the wreath pins. 

I love this Chevron ribbon that came free on this month's Mollie Makes magazine and it was perfect to make a bow and hanging loop with. I finished it off with a little rabbit button on the bow.

Finished and waiting for the Easter Bunny!

Do you decorate for Easter? 

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