Thursday, 14 March 2013

I Have a Confession to Make...

...I am not a natural housewife!

I've been a stay at home mum for seven and a half years and in that time you would have thought that I would have perfected the cleaning and ironing, but no I haven't. I cook, I sew, look after my kids but when it comes to the household chores there are so many things I would rather do instead. Instagram anyone?


When Jacob was a baby I remember reading an editors letter in a magazine that said something along the lines of "there is more to life than cleaning, who cares if there is Wheatabix on the floor, the kids will grow so fast enjoy them now and the cleaning can wait". This stuck with me and I use it as an excuse whenever I feel bad about not having done the ironing.

Most of the time I only have a good tidy up when family and friends are popping by. There are varying levels of cleaning depending on who is coming over. A visit from my Mum usually involves me shouting "quick! hoover up", a number of times she's been left on the doorstep because we've not heard the bell over the vacuum cleaner. There are other friends, one in particular, that I stopped giving the cleaning excuses to. She takes us as she finds us and we do the same to her.

I keep wondering if my natural tidying instinct will kick in when my kids are older and I have time on my hands. I think deep down I know it won't, I'll just find something more interesting to do instead.

I might not like cleaning but I do wish my house was more organised with a home for everything. So that is my Spring Clean mission. To fill my cupboards with labeled organised jars like Martha Stewart (I never thought I'd say this but I love Martha and spend hours searching through her site for holiday decoration inspiration and cake recipes) and to make a home for everything so that the cleaning becomes less of a big deal when I feel like doing it.

I want to record my to-do list so that I can't avoid it or pretend that it doesn't exist. Feel free to ask me about my progress and give me an incentive to get through it! So here it is,

My Spring Cleaning Mission

  • Organise kitchen cupboards
  • Buy and label food storage jars
  • Bathroom and washing bins
  • Kids toys
  • Cleaning cupboard
  • Kids craft stuff

Are you spring cleaning? Do you find the housework a pleasure or a chore?
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