Friday, 15 March 2013

Flashback Friday - Bunting and Tea Cosies

I love scrolling through iPhoto looking for inspiration for my Flashback Friday posts. I am reminded of  Jacob and Ruby's baby and toddler years and my past sewing projects. There is such a difference from the first items I made back in 2007 to the things that I make now. I would not have dreamed of making a parrot costume then.

Today it is mostly tea cosies and bunting that have caught my eye.

The tea cosies are made out of old jumpers and are adorned with appliqué and buttons.

The Bumble Tea Cosy is one of the first ones I made and it live's with my friend Lou. I think I could make a much better one now and will get round to it one day. If anyone has a yellow and black/grey striped jumper that is heading for the charity shop think of me!

These two are from 2010 and made out of Gap jumpers. Caroline Childerly, did you give one of these a home?

I think this beach hut cosy is one of my favourites. It was double sided and made at the end of 2011 as part of my "Brighton" collection.

I have lost count of the number of metres of bunting I have sewn over the last six years but I am guessing in excess of 100! Here are some of my favourites...

Camping bunting with appliquéd tents.

 Custom orders of personalised memory bunting.

Both of these sets were made using baby/toddler clothes that had been saved by the Mummy's.

And very cool Batman and Thomas bunting!

This one is my personal favourite and lives on our Bell Tent in the summer months!

Do you give any of these a home?
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